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Sleep Better With New Mattresses
From Our Manufacturing Partners

At Maui Bed Store, all of our bed, furniture, and sleeping accessories are shipped directly from our dealer.
We work exclusively with Sealy, Lady Americana, and other premium suppliers
to get the best bedding and furnishing for the lowest price possible.
Living in Hawaii can be expensive, but your bedding and furniture doesn’t have to be!



Get a Good Night’s Sleep and Live Better With a New Mattress

Our mattresses contribute to a good night’s sleep. Just like good exercise habits and a healthy dietary regimen, sleep is necessary for your overall health. A good mattress can help you get the 7.5 to 8.5 hours of sleep that you need every night. With the 40 million Americans who suffer from sleep disorders and the 20 million people who suffer from occasional sleep problems, one of our Sealy, Lady, or Lady Americana mattresses is right for you!


Add a Taste of Hawaii To Your Home Decor With Furniture From Our Lahaina and Kihei Stores

When people first come to Hawaii, they notice a sense of peace and tranquility. Why not incorporate this beauty into your home with furniture from our Lahaina and Kihei locations? Our products include couches, chairs, tables, futons, and dining room sets. We’re not just a bed store, we’re a full-service furnishing provider for your home.