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Visit the largest IN-STOCK selection of the most affordable mattresses on Maui! Starting @ $179

Maui Bed Store: Mattresses for Sale

Bedroom Sets 

View a fraction of available Bedroom Sets and Furniture Maui Bed Store has to offer! The highest solid wood construction, at the lowest prices in Hawaii!

Maui Bed Store: Bedroom Furniture

Bed Platforms

Wood, Modern, Upholstered, Hawaiian, Contemporary + MORE… Our platforms are the most affordable on Maui. Get a taste of available products here!

Maui Bed Store: Bed Platforms

Bed Frames

Adjustable bed frames.

Maui Bed Store: Bed Frames

Dining Tables, Dining Sets & Chairs

Beautiful, quality made Dining Sets. Available by Custom Order. More to choose from! Please call…

Maui Bed Store: Dining Sets

Mattress Protectors

Waterproof, Bed-Bug Proof, Dust-Mite Proof, Hypoallergenic, Breathable, Zippered, Machine-Washable+++…. Protect your investment!

Maui Bed Store: Mattress Protectors

Bed Pillows

A good pillow is an essential component of quality sleep. Visit a sample of available pillow products!

Maui Bed Store: Bed Pillows

Bed Linens

View our high quality sheets/linens that will compliment your new mattress!

Maui Bed Store: Bed Linens