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At both Maui Bed Store locations, we like to set up our customers with high-quality floor models when they are looking for pre-owned furniture. We get a lot of questions about how to get the most out of these floor models. Here are some tips for getting the most out of your pre-owned furniture from Maui Bed Store. Our pre-owned

floor model furniture for sale maui

Plan on Owning Your Furniture For A While

When you purchase one of our floor models or other pre-owned pieces, plan on owning it for a while. With our mattresses, each one is cleaned thoroughly before delivery. Our other furniture also looks great, has minimal wear and tear, and can further be fitted to last you for a lifetime.

If after a few years, you decide that your pre-owned furniture doesn’t match your current decor needs, you can always choose to reupholster it in the future.

Call Ahead to Find The Best Bedroom and Furniture Set For You

All of our pre-owned furniture and floor models are available on a seasonal basis only. The best way to find the bed set or furniture piece that fits your needs is to call ahead and see what we have in stock. We also suggest knowing the dimensions that you have to work with. Writing down your measurements when you call us will help us set you up with the perfect piece of furniture.

Plan Your Island Delivery and Pickup

On the day you get your furniture, make sure that you arrange an appropriate vehicle for pickup. You will want a pickup or a moving truck. We can also work with you to arrange delivery when you purchase one of our discounts sets.

Most Importantly, You Can Trust Our Furniture When You Buy

All of our furniture and pre-owned bed sets go through an extensive green cleaning process. We clean our used beds with an Eco-Green Commercial Mattress Steamer. This device uses no chemicals. When we transport used furniture, we wrap them in plastic. But most importantly, we make sure that all of our discount models are in good shape before they leave the floor. When you purchase our seasonal clearance and floor models, you will always get a bed set and furniture that will last for years.